Monday, March 23, 2015

This blog will NOT soon be removed

Apparently, Google was just kidding. They announced previously that they would remove all blogs with adult content, but apparently because of the feedback they received about this, they changed their minds. This blog will not be removed, after all.

Read more about their decisions here.

Monday, February 23, 2015

This Blog Will Soon Be Removed

Hi everyone,

I have just received note from Blogger that on March 23, 2015, this blog will be removed, as they will be changing their policy on "blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video." The blog will not be deleted, but after March 23, "only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the blog will be able to see the content [Google has] made private."

If you would like to be able to continue to view this blog, email me at c (dot) moldenke (at) gmail (dot) com or send me a private message on reddit ( with the email address you'd like me to grant access to the blog (I'm not sure exactly how to do this, but if you send me your email address, I'll try). I have also uploaded a copy of the .atom file which should contain all of this blog's content here:

Feel free to download and do what you like with it. I do not intend to continue work on this blog, so I will not be re-uploading the content here at a new blog service. If anyone wants to take this archive and make your own blog, go right ahead, as long as you don't turn it into something crummy (with distracting pop-ups, ads disguised as content, and so on).

I confess that I do not really know how to open that archive, but some of you who do (or who are willing to investigate ATOM files) may appreciate it.

I confess that, while it has been a while since I've maintained this blog, I'll be sorry to see it go. Your comments with links to videos have been a guilty pleasure of mine for quite some time. Thanks to Fred Y. and other anonymous people for posting your links.

Maybe I'll see some of you at this reddit pillow humping forum:

It's not very active, but perhaps some of you would like to improve that?

Thanks for reading!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Hiatus


Presently I do not intend to update this blog in the near future. I have met a real girl whom I like quite a bit, and I feel like pornography is getting in the way of my relationship with her.

I can't guarantee that I won't return and update this in the future, but if I don't, my new girlfriend is the reason why.

Plenty of people are generous enough, though, to often post humping masturbation videos that they have found in the comments sections of many videos, so keep checking here for those! I would recommend that you share such links here, and that you check the comments section of this post for links to videos. Thanks to all of you who have shared links with me: it has been a treat, finding such things in my email-box.

Also, check out my xhamster profile, as I have plenty of videos there that I have not yet had the chance to post here:

And for anyone else who might find porn to be getting in the way of their real relationships, I suggest you check out this link: I'm a 29 year-old healthy man and am "having trouble." That shouldn't be the case. Is porn the reason? I don't know. I had thought that perhaps it was related to recent temporary (though pretty major) failures in my career and the resulting hits to my self-esteem. Maybe not, though. Maybe it's porn. Sorry if this is preachy, but if I can help any of you out, that would make me glad.

Thanks for reading the blog and for looking for these videos! It has been a joy to find and share them with you!


P.S. If anyone wants to take the links from this blog and start a blog of their own, I would not be at all offended. Go right ahead--you have my blessing!

P.S.S. If anyone wants to JOIN me in getting a porn/masturbation addiction under control, I'm over at the Reditt NoFap forum:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Humping Furniture and Objects (Compilation)

Table Corner Masturbation 01

Table Corner Masturbation 02

Table Corner Masturbation 03

Table Corner Masturbation 04

Humping the Corner of a Table

Japanese table humping masturbation

girl spies on mother masturbating, and then the roles reverse.

Humping the Corner of a Table

Japanese table humping masturbation 3

girl almost gets caught by her brother and friend humping the kitchen table.. then resumes again after they leave

Humping the Corner of a Desk

Japanese Girl Humps Her Desk

Asian, Japanese, Standing, Schoolgirl, Dark Hair

Humping the Corner of a Desk

Asian Nymph Humps a Desk

she masturbates by grinding her pussy against the corner of the desk and having a humping orgasm.

Standing, Japanese, Dark Hair, Fully Clothed, Tight Pants

Humping the Corner of a Desk

Female Students Secret Desires

Japanese, Dark Hair, Student, Jean Skirt, Standing

Humping the Corner of a Desk

Office Lady Rubbing Her Pussy To The Desk Masturbating With Toys On The Floor In The Office

Japanese, Standing, Nurse, Glasses, Dark Hair, Fingering

Monday, November 28, 2011

Humping a Pillow on the Bed

Mayura Hoshizuki rides a pillow brought to you by Tube8

Japanese porn star Mayura Hoshizuki writhes around on her bed on her stomach before finally humping a pillow.

Thanks to Fred Y. for sending the link to this video.

Humping her Fingers and a Vibrator

Japanese girls masturbation 393

This video is good when she's humping her fingers from 3:01 to 5:42, but even better from 9:09 to 9:56 when she's all over the place with her vibrator.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Humping Her Fingers Face Down on Bed

As when I was a little girl

Humping Her Fingers Face Down on the Sofa

Beautiful amateur Roxy gets herself off

Humping Her Fingers on the Bed

Tight Tannned Babe Masturbating brought to you by PornHub

Categories: Masturbation, Latina, Small Tits

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Humping a Chair with a Strap-On Vibrator

Getting off on chair

Humping a Vibrator Face Down on Bed

Back to the grind

Fingering Herself From Behind

It's Okay I'll Do It Myself brought to you by

(From behind is only from about 8:17-11:19. Still hot throughout, though.)

Fingering Herself From Behind

Webcam girl fingering her pussy from behind

Humping a Dildo Face Down on the Bed

Susanne machts sich von hinten ("Susanne set out from behind," according to Google Translate