Monday, March 28, 2011

Act quick!

The website, Beautiful Agony, currently offers a free preview of a woman masturbating face-down.  As is the website's standard procedure, there's no nudity--it only shows her face--but it's a lovely video.

Download it soon: these free previews don't tend to last long.

It seems like, in general, this website has a lot of these face-down masturbation videos, but I haven't yet taken the time to go through their archives.  I've come across a good number of them randomly, but I'd imagine that if you like this video, it would be worth your time to sign up and search through there.  If I ever do the same, I'll be sure to provide a list of the face-down videos on there.

P.S. Sorry for the lack of updates lately; I'm working on my thesis, which means that this last semester of mine is my busiest yet, offering me only time for quickies with porn--no hours of indulgence, wherein I tease myself by posting videos on here!


  1. Hi Moldenke:
    I see you're studying so I've placed a number of links under Jan 25 humping on sofa (8 comments) for when you're ready to start uploading again.
    I'll keep looking in the meantime and build the Humping Stockpile : ) Cheers, Roc

  2. You should check out the "" site. You'll find a lot of fetish videos there that you won't find anywhere else. There's even a "Plushies" category that allows you to search for clips and stores that show girls humping pillows and stuffed animals, both alone and with other girls.

    I especially want to recommend "Kimmysfetishsgalore" (store # 39010). She does a lot of humping videos as well as other fetishes, and really gets into her humping--to where she's out of breath at the end!

    She takes requests and just did one of my requests called "I LOVE Being Sent 2 My Room" in which she dresses up as a schoolgirl, starts humping the corner of her bed, strips off her clothes, and finishes by humping her favorite teddy bear!

    --Fred Y